KCPA Membership

KCPA is open for membership application. People who are eligible to register for various statuses under the KCPA membership must meet certain criteria as outlines below.

KCPA registers Individuals (Local and Foreigners) and also Organizations.

Organization Membership

For an organization to become a member of KCPA, it ought to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be duly registered by the government of Kenya
  2. Be engaged in the promotion, training and practice of psychological counseling
  3. Have a minimum staff of professional and practicing counselors accredited by KCPA
  4. Submit a duly filled official application form from KCPA and payments:
  5. Registration fee: Ksh. 10,000/=
  6. Annual subscription: Ksh. 5,000/=

Individual Membership

For an individual membership, the applicant ought to submit the following:

  1. Counseling certificates, or an introduction letter from college if still a student,
  2. Transcripts,
  3. Personal therapy letter; minimum 10 sessions, not older than two years from a registered counselor,
  4. A copy of your national identity card, and
  5. Two coloured passport photographs.
  6. Submit a duly filled in official application form from KCPA and payments:
  7. Application fee: Ksh. 4,000
  8. Annual subscription: Ksh. 2500

KCPA Statuses

KCPA has seven (7) statuses a registered counsellor would attain depending on the level of training, years of practice, client log hours and therapy/supervision hours. The statuses are:

  1. Student status
  2. Associate counsellor status
  3. Accredited counsellor status
  4. Senior Counsellor status
  5. Associate supervisor status
  6. Accredited supervisor status
  7. Senior supervisor status

Payment of Registration and Subscription Fees

Cheques and money orders are payable to:

Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association

Cooperative Bank 01134308358300

Aga Khan Walk

Lipa na Mpesa Till No: 326109

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Click Image To Download KCPA Registration Forms

Individual Registration Form

Institution Form

Change of Status Form

Change of Status Log Form