Chairman’s October 2019 Brief

Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association
Head Office: Agip House, 4th Floor, Room 422,
P.O Box 41132-0100,
Nairobi, Kenya
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Office : 0724 092933

Greetings to you all honourable Members for the Month of October 2019. As promised in my September Brief, I wish to provide the October brief on our Association.

Following on the five driving pillars this is our October brief;

1.       On Governance i.          We hope to have county level structures in place by end of 2019.


ii.          We held a full board inougral meeting on 23rd of October 2019 and adopted the calender of events for the last quarter of the year.
iii.         KCPA’s Standards, Ethics and Accreditation Committee (SEAC) has cleared the backlog of membership and accreditation.

Going forward SEAC will conclude on all applications within a month .

iv.         We are auditing the county level governance structures with a view to have stronger linkages between the National Management committee and the County teams.
2.       Curriculum, Training and Professional Development (TVET Committee) i.            The TVET Committee successfully finalized on the MFT curriculum level 5 and submitted to the Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (CDACC) for final approval.

ii.         The Committee organized an Assessors Training for 9 participants on 30th October to 1st November 2019.

iii.       The committee is also working on developing and validating assessment plans in collaboration with CDACC.

iv.       Training Programmes implementation is progressing well at the Diploma in Counselling Psychology level 6, The Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy Level 6 and the Counselling Curriculum level 5.

v.        Through our TVET committee we wish to assure training institutions the necessary support towards the TVET approved curricula implementation process

3.       Devaluation of activities i.      We had three major traumatic events in the Month of October in Mombasa at the Ferry where Mother and Daughter perished, thanks Anne Onjagua and team in Mombasa for the response.  At the Precious Talents Academy in Nairobi we lost precious lives and many others were injured. Thanks a lot to our counsellors for the timely response. At the Garisa IED attack on 12/10 we lost 11 Galant soldiers. Our secretary, James Mutitu stood out on the response to this incident where 11 of our officers lost their lives. I appeal for continued support to their families at the county levels.

ii.        The Month of October being the Mental Health Month, our counsellors across the country did a splendid job on creating awareness, sensitization and services on Mental Health issues. Thanks a lot for that. This a critical in our calendar as Counsellors and Psychologists.

There were major celebration activities in a whole 11 counties, from Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Kilifi, Tharaka Nithi, Kericho, etc.

Going forward in the coming years KCPA would like there to be an activity(s) at all the forty-seven counties.

iii.        We are developing a national and county KCPA membership directory

iv.         We intend hold a consultative meeting with current county leaderships in this.

4.       Research, publication and conferencing i.         We are at an advanced stage of reconstituting a committee

ii.        Due to logistical challenges

5.       A. Management


i.          We are updating on the membership data. We will be dispatching an SMS to all our 6000 members requesting for an update on your membership status, emails and counties where you are based.

ii.         We established an official KCPA Telegram platform which currently has close to 600 active members and growing by the day.

iii.     I appeal to all our members to upload the telegram app on their phones to enable them join the platform.

iv.     Other KCPA social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, twitter are active and we appeal to you all to make use of them.

v.       We will soon come up with an interactive page on the KCPA website for members to continually engage with each other.

B. Networking and  partnerships i.      We have continued consultations with our partners.